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Hot Tool Tricks


  Cutting nylon or polyester using a woodburner or Hot Tool® allows you to make appliqués or overlays that do not require turning raw edges under. The Hot Tool® cuts and sears the edge at the same time for greater detail in design.

The Hot Tool® works well on a glass surface.

Try this technique: Using a piece of glass as a cutting surface (cut fabric comes off easily), use the heated tool like a pencil and cut the fabric on the design line. If the fabric is light colored or light weight, you may wish to have polyester interfacing layered with the fabric as you cut, the two pieces will be adhered at the hot cut edge. By layering Steam a Seam™ with the fabric, you will provide an instant iron-on adhesive.

With a test sample, determine whether to cut with the right or wrong side up. If you are working on the wrong side, make sure to use a reverse image of the design to be cut.


using the hot tool freehand
hot tool applique
using the hot tool
back of mountain parka
Black snap applied through appliqué panels for front detail on a parka flap Make templates from heavy cardboard or metal. Metal design curves also work well.   Mountains and moon appliques cut with Hot Tool® are one of the design techniques used on this parka.

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