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Fleece Cording Made Easy


"In 1994 I was making fleece hats and came up with the idea of making fleece cording
cut from the stretchy crossgrain that I had deliberately stretched out of shape. As I experimented and played with the cording, I found it provided an excellent edge finish for many types of fabric overlays, especially when using fleece. Soon I was using fleece cording as braided ties for the hats, contrast edges for appliques, and as a soutache braid. The results were impressive, especially considering how easy it was to make and apply the cording without an extra trip to the fabric store for notions." from Sewing Outdoor Gear





To make "Rochelle's Twisted Fleece Cord", cut crossgrain strips of knit fleece. A rotary cutter and mat makes cutting strips faster and easier.

  Stretch the strips of fleece, which has been cut on the crossgrain, to make the cord.   Tie two equal lengths of cord together and pin one end of trhe joined cord into the padding on an ironing board. Twist the joined cord until it starts to kink when not pulled taunt. Keeping the tension tight, grasp the joining knot for the two colors and pull the ends together. Beging trunig the knot to the right to begin the twisting, then let go, allowing the twist to form.

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