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Note from Rochelle: "I find the use of special tools can make the sewing experience more rewarding and easy! I've gathered together in one place many of the tools I use when sewing outerwear. They can work for you, too!"

Ordering products is simple, follow these steps to purchase the items that you want. Browse through this page to see which items are available for the technique you wish to create.

  1. Click the "order now" button on any item
  2. Alternatively, you may wish to print out the order form and fax or mail to Cascade Layers. If you would like to phone in your order call: 501-235-0747.



































  cover of Sewing Outdoor Gear

Sewing Outdoor Gear
Easy Techniques for Outerwear that Work

by: Rochelle Harper
published by: Taunton Press, 2001

This comprehensive guide to sewing and repairing a variety of outerwear garments and fabrics will help you get maximum payoff from your sewing time.

This is a first - a wonderfully detailed guide that will enable the home sewer to create technical outerwear using the most advanced textiles being manufactured for today's active lifestyles.” - Aaron & Louise Feuerstein, Malden Mills Industries

Learn how to:

  • choose fabrics and design features to maximize layering effectiveness
  • personalize with easy embellishments that maintain or even enhance the function of the garment
  • repair zippers, apply seam sealing tape, take a pattern from ready-to-wear and get the fit you need!
One Book - signed by the author   #1001
$ 24.95
    cover of Sew the New Fleece

Sew the New Fleece
Techniques with Synthetic Fleece and Pile

by: Rochelle Harper
published by: Taunton Press, 1997

Using fleece and pile fabrics in a variety of ways and for lots of reasons is Rochelle's specialty.

This book shows:

  • Rochelle's famous "fleece cording" technique
  • edge finishes with cording, Rochelle's mock ribbing and several other binding techniques
  • seam, pocket and stabilizing options
  • patterns for hats and adjustable headband
One Book - signed by the author
$ 21.95
blue & black fleece outfit


    rochelle's reversible pattern

Rochelles Reversible - SAF-T-POCKETS

The reversible Vest or Jacket has two patch pockets on each side with two additional zippered SAF-T-POCKETS inside each of the Side One pockets. The vest, with zippered front, is embellished with appliqued sunflowers and reverse appliques (intstructions are included on how to quickly and easily cut both in one step using a Hot Tool). The jacket has appliqued ginko leaves and features button loop closures. This pattern gives you two unique looks in one sporty vest or jacket.

Rochelle's Reversible Pattern
$ 14.00
picture of jacket back


hot tool

"Hot Tool" woodburning tool

When heated, cuts easily through single layers of synthetic fabrics (nylon and polyester) to prevent fraying. A piece of glass, such as a clear storm window, is suggested as a cutting surface. Stencil cutting tip suggested for detail work (sold separately below).

Note from Rochelle: "Although there are many other woodburning tools available, I prefer this one because of the small diameter of the handle. This tool combined with the stencil cutting tip, is more like an artist's tool for handling and is excellent for cutting detailed designs."

one tool
hot tool cutting tip

Stencil Cutting Tip

For use with "Hot Tool" (above). This is excellent for detailed cutting. Attach with collar (included) to "Hot Tool" shank while cool and unplugged.

one tool tip
$ 5.50
seam sealing tape

Seam Sealing Tape

Clear, heat activated adhesive tape for seam sealing most coated, laminated, waterproof/breathable fabrics. Includes instructions. For best results, use with Teflon Pressing Sheet (below). Minimun order is 5 yards.

By the yard (5 yd. min)
$ .75
10 yard hank
$ 7.00
small sample for testing
$ .50
teflon pressing sheet

Teflon Pressing Sheet

Excellent way to press seam sealing tape (above) without damaging tape or coatings, membranes, or all waterproof/breathable fabrics. Also useful for preshrinking fusible interfacings.

18" x 18"
$ 10.50
teflon strip

Adhesive Backed Teflon Strips

Perfect for lining the bottom of presser feet for easy stitching on coated or laminated surfaces.

6 inch strip
$ 2.00



Pre-Packaged Kits



Assembled kits

For those of you without the time, or inclination, to shop Rochelle has packaged together kits which include everything to make a jacket except thread and buttons: Light weight Polartec™ fleece for side two fabrics, Microfleece™ for binding and cord, cotton favric for side one, contrast cotton applicque fabric, pattern, two pocket zippers, Steam-a-Seam™, and interfacing.

Vest kit includes everything to make a vest except thread and Hot Tool™ if making applique: water repellant fabric for Side One, Polartec™ fleece for side two, reversible separating zipper, two pocket zippers, and pattern.

one kit (assorted colors)

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