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Photos below show details from garments Rochelle has designed and sewn. Notice the use of the fleece cording, Hot Tool® appliqués, and free motion stitching. These design techniques are illustrated in the techniques & tips section.

Unless otherwise noted, the garments shown are made from fleece and outwear fabrics and are shown in greater detail in the books Sew the New Fleece and Sewing Outdoor Gear.


Details from garments (click on photo for larger view)

  detaill of free motion stitching   detail of hot tool applique detail of fleece cording and border   detail of fleece cording and hot tool technique  
  freemotion stitching and Hot Tool® appliqué   HotTtool® appliqué two color fleece cording and fleece border appliqué   fat fleece cord with Hot Tool® cut-outs and free-motion stitching  



back view of "anansi" jacket   yellow vest outfit   oatmeal coat outfit  

African inspired "Anansi Jacket" with skirt and top. Click to see the many wonderful details found on this jacket!
  Yellow fleece vest featuring freemotion stitching and Hot Tool® appliqués.  
Oatmeal coat with microfiber overlay and Hot Tool® cutouts. Fleece dress under features Rochelle's "mock" fleece ribbing. Click to see the dress beneath.


      THREADS cover featuring rochelle's jacket THREADS cover featuring Rocehlle's fleece  ribbing
      THREADS cover and lead article - March 1999 Issue #81 THREADS cover and lead article - January 1998 Issue #74 THREADS cover and lead article - November 1993 Issue #49
      sew news article fleece cording article  
      Sew News - October/November 1989 -
Issue #25
Threads - May 2002 - Issue #100  
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