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Rochelle's Reversible Jacket & Vest

      vest pattern  

Rochelle has combined many of her tested techniques and her wearable art background into "Rochelle's Reversible." The reversivble vest or jacket has two patch pockets on each side with two additional zippered SAF-T-POCKETS inside each of the side one pockets.

The vest, with zippered front, is embellished with appliquéd sunflowers and reverse appliqués (instructions are included on how to quickly and easily cut both in one step using a Hot Tool).

The jacket has appliquéd ginkgo leaves and features button loop closures. This pattern gives you two unique looks in one sporty vest or jacket.

Additionally, if you love the look, but don't have time to shop, Rochelle has created pre-packaged kits in different color schemes that you can use to sew up your own vest or jacket.

  jacket - shell side
reversible vest with sun appliqué
shell side of reversible jacket with ginkgo appliqué.
view of vest/both sides
top: shell view of reversible vest
bottom. fleece view of reversible vest
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