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Anansi Jacket, Skirt & Top

      anansi outfit  

This awe-inspiring outfit was begun with Rochelle's Reversible Vest and Jacket pattern. The jacket was constructed with a fleece on one side and a pieced section of african inspired prints for the reverse. The dress is ribbed velveteen with silk side panels, overskirt and belt of faux suede and African mudcloth. Headwrap is reversible silk and mudcloth.

Multiple embellishing techniqes were used to make this outfit truly one of a kind:

  • free motion stitching
  • appliqués of woven fabric on the fleece side of the jacket
  • numerous addtions of beadwork
  • fringe and special borders used on edges

You, too, can make your garments truly unique with your own embellishments and ideas! Go for it!

  anansi outfit - back
view of fleece top and woven print skirt with embellished belt
Back view of reversible jacket showing appliquès and "spiderweb" stitching embellished with beading and fringe.
      jacket mask with beads  
pocket with bead spiders
  pocket detail
Detail of embellishment - notice the hand sewn beads at intersections of "spiderweb" stitching and additional beading and free motion stitching added to embellishment.

Detail of pocket on quilted side of jacket. Small beads were sewn with legs to create small spiders around the zebra print. Notice also the borders used on the edge of the pockets.
Detail of pocket showing free motion stitching, beadwork and embellishments. The use of fringe as a border adds definition to the lines of the jacket.
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