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Classroom and Workshop Offerings


Fill your classroom with Inspiration, Encourangement, Information, Innovation and... Rochelle Harper! For more information on fees, scheduling, and terms please email Rochelle.


Select from a list of proven workshops and classes with this international author, designer, and teacher. Rochelle presents classes at national convetions and seminars (Professional Association of Custom Clothiers, American Sewing Guild, and Creative Sewing Seminar), regularly teaches at Palmer/Pletsch School of Sewing, independent fabric and sewing machine stores, extension service groups and at sweing expostitions (references available on request).

In her classes, Rochelle draws from a broad range of experience in design, fibers, sewing construction, art and constructivist theory, and embellishements. She is an author for THREADS and Sew News magazines and two internationally distributed books - Sew the New Fleece and Sewing Outdoor Gear, Easy Techniques for Outerwear that Works.

Here is a partial list opf classes that Rochelle is available to teach. Keep in mind that she is happy to adapt to the unique needs of each situation to the best advantage of the group/students involved.


Mapping your Creative Web (all day workshop or two-hour class/discussion):
Are you making the most of your unique skills and talents? See how you can draw on your experiences as an individual more effectively with Rochelle’s Creative Web class. Map your experiences and skills while participating in a group discussion during the two-hour class OR as an all day workshop, continue with art projects that motivate you to “unblock” and embrace your unique experience as well as exploring personal artistic processes and how individual learning styles affect your work. (kit fee and student materials needed for all day)

  Rochelle’s Reversible Jacket or Vest Workshop (all day workshop with a pre-planning session if possible or two six-hour days):
Based on a new pattern Rochelle designed for SAF-T-POCKETS Patterns using her “signature techniques”, this hands on workshop gives the student a versatile garment to take home. Students make a reversible vest or jacket during class and learn techniques for making fleece cord, twisted fleece cord, hot cut appliqués and simple knit binding. For classes not held in fabric stores, complete kits available from the instructor which include the pattern ($50 reversible zippered water-repellent/fleece vest OR $80 reversible cotton/fleece jacket, buttons and shipping cost not included)

  Versatile Reversible Clothing (3-hour class):
Get some quick information about sewing a variety of reversible clothing with Rochelle’s embellishments, edges and closures in this lecture/demonstration class. Rochelle brings a variety of reversible fashions and demonstrates numerous ways to turn one garment into two!


Quilting with Fleece (two six-hour days or four three-hour classes):
Here is a new approach to an old craft! Construct a medallion design lap quilt on a fleece backing for a wonderful combination of textures and expression. Rochelle incorporates traditional quilting fabrics and concepts on a new foundation, Polarfleece™! After an overview of Rochelle’s samples and demonstrations of her innovative techniques, students plan their design and construct their quilt. Students should be able to finish the project during class, depending on the details incorporated.



Rochelle’s Toolbox (all day workshop or three-hour class):
If God is in the details, then a little bit of heaven is in Rochelle Harper’s Toolbox of Techniques. As she demonstrates simple and innovative details, you will be amazed at the intriguing edge finishes, sculptural effects for surface design and dozens of applications for her trademark fleece and knit cord. As a three-hour class, Rochelle demonstrates all techniques, as a workshop, students use a kit ($15 fee) to make samples for easier reference at home.

This class draws from information found in Rochelle’s books Sewing Outdoor Gear and Sew the New Fleece from Taunton Press.



Unlimited Outerwear (two-day workshop with prior individual assistance from Rochelle):
If you want to sew outerwear, LOOK OUT! Rochelle will get you going and you won’t want to quit. From strictly fashion to strictly functional, construct outerwear that is specialized to fit what YOU want in this workshop. Find out that sewing outerwear is very doable, gratifying and can provide a new palette for artistic expression. Prior to class, each registered student will receive individual help from Rochelle via email or phone in locating, gathering supplies, sizing, and cutting out their project. On the morning of the first class, each project will be discussed so students have the chance to follow other’s projects as well as work on their prepared project. This fun class develops new skills and provides learning opportunities about new tools and unusual techniques that will carry over into other areas of sewing!

This class draws from information found in Rochelle’s book Sewing Outdoor Gear from Taunton Press.

  Is Waterproof Absolute? (three-hour class):
Want to make effective outerwear but confused by all the new fabrics, treatments and notions used in technical outerwear? This class will prepare you for this interesting area of sewing by simplifying terminologies, seaming and sealing instructions, construction order, using hardware and notions more effectively, and getting pattern designs that work.
This class draws from information found in Rochelle’s book Sewing Outdoor Gear from Taunton Press.

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